tot was foun­ded in 2011 in Par­is by Bessie Yeung. Ori­gin­ally from Hong Kong, she grew up and stud­ied in Aus­tralia before mov­ing to Par­is in 2002. Gradu­ated from Stu­dio Ber­çot, she worked for Parisi­an brands like Mar­tine Sit­bon and Ero­t­okri­tos as fash­ion design­er for 6 years. Her exper­i­ence and pas­sion for fash­ion fused to cre­ated tot.

tot rep­res­ents our beliefs in vari­ation and mul­ti­pli­city. tot’s logo thus can be seen as a geo­met­ric form, a mir­ror image or even a funny face.

Our gar­ments offer pos­sib­il­it­ies as well. Com­bin­ing graph­ic­al, retro and con­tem­por­ary ele­ments, we play with the struc­ture of forms, divert the flow of the fab­ric, reshape the gar­ment and cast illu­sions. We like to apply ver­sat­ile details to make clothes play­ful and adapt­able to vari­ous needs and dif­fer­ent urb­an scen­ari­os.

After a suc­cess­ful launch of our 1st col­lec­tion AW2011, tot’s SS2012 col­lec­tion is to be sold all over the world: Par­is, New York, Hong Kong, Shang­hai, Tokyo, Saudi Ara­bia, Kuwait and Leban­on.

In 2014, tot has changed its dir­ec­tion which now tot is named tot Par­is. It is spe­cial­iz­ing in Hair accessor­ies. The brand new line of head­bands and turbans are launched. They are designed to be easy to wear, adjustable for all size and hair­style and with a unique elast­ic band detail for best fit­ting and com­fort. All the pieces are hand­made in Par­is and fab­rics are finely selec­ted in Par­is too. tot Par­is has now entered the new age of “faits main” and “loc­al pro­duc­tion” cen­tury.