tot was founded in 2011 in Paris by Bessie Yeung. Originally from Hong Kong, she grew up and studied in Australia before moving to Paris in 2002. Graduated from Studio Berçot, she worked for Parisian brands like Martine Sitbon and Erotokritos as fashion designer for 6 years. Her experience and passion for fashion fused to created tot.

tot represents our beliefs in variation and multiplicity. tot’s logo thus can be seen as a geometric form, a mirror image or even a funny face.

Our garments offer possibilities as well. Combining graphical, retro and contemporary elements, we play with the structure of forms, divert the flow of the fabric, reshape the garment and cast illusions. We like to apply versatile details to make clothes playful and adaptable to various needs and different urban scenarios.

After a successful launch of our 1st collection AW2011, tot’s SS2012 collection is to be sold all over the world: Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon.

In 2014, tot has changed its direction which now tot is named tot Paris. It is specializing in Hair accessories. The brand new line of headbands and turbans are launched. They are designed to be easy to wear, adjustable for all size and hairstyle and with a unique elastic band detail for best fitting and comfort. All the pieces are handmade in Paris and fabrics are finely selected in Paris too. tot Paris has now entered the new age of “faits main” and “local production” century.